Atlantis II series

Apocalyptic Raw Art Sculptures

The meaning of ‘Apocalypse’ comes from the Ancient Greek ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis meaning revealing or uncover – a disclosure or revelation of important knowledge. The sculptures are intended to illustrate apocalyptic meaning by reducing sculptural form to white and shadows. It is visibly apparent, and science agrees, that mankind is heading towards a self-inflicted man-made apocalypse. Man’s impact on the sea and sea life. is documented as the Atlantis II series sculptures are up-cycled from plastic fishing materials washed up on local Mayo beaches. The exhibited raw artworks are meant as ‘parables’ and danger warnings for this imminent man-made Atlantic ecosystem apocalypse. 

The idea for this exhibition comes from Plato’s ‘Atlantis’ which, based originally on Egyptian accounts, refers to a legendary ancient civilization, a mighty sea people, inhabiting Islands and a continent in the Atlantic Ocean beyond the Mediterranean Sea and ‘the pillars of Heracles” – Gibraltar. Ireland, which may have been part of this legend, is in danger of becoming Atlantis II – another civilisation destroyed by the Atlantic’s rising sea levels caused largely by man-made climate change and damage to our eco system.. Archeologists in a few thousand years may dig up evidence of our past existence on the Atlantic seabed where Clew Bay and Westport once stood along with the evidence of the mercenary scramble for resources that systematically caused this apocalypse.