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The Body of Work from Felix Zaska is shown on this website is available for exhibition and sale – unless marked sold or NA (Not Available)

Gallerist : Hilary Zaska –  principal liaison for art sales and public exhibitions / art gallery exhibits. Felix Zaska Artwork on this website is sold directly by artist.

Artwork Prices* : Prices subject to change and negotiated written quotations. Prices on artworks are shown as indications only within the following price bands* :

     A* =  €  7,700 –  € 13,500

     B* =  €  5,500  –  €  7,700

     C* =  €  3,500  –  €  5,500

     D* =  €  2,000  –  €  3,500

     E* =  €  750    –    €  2,000

     F* =  €    350   –   €     750


Delivery :

Unframed Paintings, Mixed Media Artworks and Limited Edition Prints – prices include free delivery world wide in tubes by post or courier.

Framed Paintings, Mixed Media Artworks and Sculptures – Prices include free delivery in West of Ireland (Connacht) only. Other national and international transport / delivery costs extra – subject to quotation for specific delivery destinations.

Delivery times vary and are subject to confirmation. Tracking Number provided.

Copyright – It is not permitted to publish, use, sell, distribute or upload images of Felix Zaska artworks in digital media (incl. social media and AI) or physical print/photographic media, whether obtained online from a website/digital media or photographed from a display or exhibit, without the written permission of the artist. See copyright terms and condition for art images. Should you wish to publish or commercially use an image please contact Hilary for a single usage license.